Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Redefine the beauty of your home with these ornamental flowers  

Flowers are known to make the Earth beautiful with their unmatched fragrance and colour. They arrive in a variety of colours, fragrance and species which can easily capture the attention of any individual. Due to their excellent beauty, they are used by people for decoration purposes and ornaments. Here is the list of various ornamental flowers that are mentioned below:

Geranium- This common Geranium flower is known as Pelargonium x hortorum in the scientific language and is a herbaceous variety that grows in flourishing mounds. It comprises of red, white, pink and salmon flowers. With the presence of sweet and uplifting odour arising from these flowers, they are just great for hanging flower beds. Apart from this, they also form the perfect bouquet of birthday flowers to your loved ones.

Scrambling Skyflower- The scientific name of this flower is Thunbergia battiscombei and belongs to the family of Acanthus which is a native flower of certain parts of Africa. This amazing blue violet flower is a herbaceous perennial plant that flourishes till another plant for support due to its stem that creates natural supportive layers. Due to the presence of strong colour and wide leaves, these flowers are appropriate for good transitional flowers.   

Moonflower- Also known as Ipomoea alba scientifically, the flower is an annual vine which grows effectively in warm tropical zones. The exceptional flower acts as the night time counterpart to the morning glory. While the flowers of morning glory bloom in the later morning to afternoon, another flower, Moon flower blooms at night and retains its flowers till the morning or noon only. Due to this exceptional beauty and flowers, they are just perfect choice for the hanging baskets, happy birthday flowers and other such events.

Lavender- This common lavender is known as Lavandula angustifolia in scientific notations and is a semi-evergreen perennial flower that grows best in moist, moderately rich soil and optimum sunlight. This lavender flowers also come in other colour varieties such as blue-violet, white pink and blue-purple. This excellent flower is a native of Mediterranean and is a superb choice for decorating walkways and borders.

Morning Glory- It is a popular perennial vine that provides extraordinary flowers with heart shaped leaves and belongs to the area of Central America. It has some of the exceptional characteristics like the appropriate flower size, availability in multiple colours, ability to thrive well on roadsides and fields. Furthermore, they have the ability to bloom efficiently from early morning to late afternoon which makes them a rare pick for people.