Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Note when choosing the best maternity pillow


Nowadays, a pregnancy pillow is the indispensable thing for all pregnant women. Currently, there are many places to sell maternity pillows variety of prices, quality but how to buy good quality products? What do consumers need to pay attention to choose the best maternity pillow with reasonable price to take care of sleep during 9 months of pregnancy? Read this post to get the note.

Note when choosing the best maternity pillow

1.     Choose maternity pillow at prestigious places

You should choose the pillow that has a longstanding brand in the market. Buy pillows in the prestige address for being more assured because the pillow to ensure quality, durable, safe for health and worth the money. In addition, pregnant pillows must have a full warranty so that when the problem is, the product can be redeemed. You should carefully inquire about the warranty, such as how long the warranty, where warranted, and the stamp warranty to ensure the benefits when buying.

2.     Don’t just care about the price

Many users complain that why this shop sells cheap that the store sells expensive. You should not only choose to buy a pillow at the price because cheapest is dearest. The cheap pillows usually come with poor quality. Pillow cover will have low-quality fabric, make users feel uncomfortable when using.

3.     Pillow size

When choosing a maternity pillow, please note the length, width, weight of the pillow is the same as the seller’s ads. The standard size of the U-pillow is 4.75 feet long, 2.46 feet wide, weighs about 8 pounds to support the body and best care for the mother’s health and sleep. You should remember to ask these technical parameters when choosing a pregnancy pillow.

4.     Quality of fabric

Pregnant pillow has 3 layers: cotton pillow wrap, the second layer is white lining and soft cotton inside. You should choose pillows made of soft cotton fabric because the cotton fabric is cool, comfortable, good sweat absorbs; Soft white lining, soft white cotton with no extra fabric scraps to ensure pillow stays smooth, long lasting and does not cause skin diseases or allergies.

Pregnant pillow must have the meticulous seamstress, which can be several washed without unstitched. Another note is that if the white lining is sealed without a zipper that you can’t see the cotton inside, don’t buy it because you can’t know what kind of cotton stuffed inside.


Purchasing a good quality maternity pillow is to take care of your health and sleep, creating the best conditions for the baby to grow. I hope after reading this post, you can choose the best maternity pillow and have a healthy pregnancy. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.