Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Maximum RPM for Ceiling Fans – Choosing Right Fan for Your House

Long are those days gone, when controlling room temperature was counted as luxury using the air conditions. The 21st century is the age of innovation and modern technology that ushers the new field to keep your room cool. With the 120 years of long history, a ceiling fan still acts as a medium to provide us a cool breeze, and thus it keeps us fresh. These things are not only meant to provide a cool breeze to all around the year but also makes our room complete and elegant in appearance.

An ideal ceiling fan possesses the capacity to deliver an enormous amount of breeze to us with their high RPM, less noise, extended usage. And most importantly all these are readily available if you choose high RPM ceiling fans for your house. Let’s look into the fact that you need to check while choosing the ideal fan for your home.

Why should you use fans?

There are plenty of reasons that will lead you to use a ceiling fan. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • These are the thing that keeps you cool during summer, dry during monsoon
  • A hell lot of cheaper compared to AC
  • Cost too little than any other cooling machine
  • Makes your house look complete and good

Without this thing, we can’t even imagine a day because the ceiling fan has become our life partner. Buy ceiling fan online from Atomberg at best price. It provides us cool breeze whenever we need. But, to have the ultimate pleasure, it is mandatory to choose High RPM fan that meshes properly with your room size.

Does Ceiling Fan Size Matter?

When it comes down to choosing the perfect ceiling fan for your home, the answer to the question of whether size matters is a resounding “YES!” There is one golden rule to keep in mind: A fan can only be as effective as its “reach.” Contrary to a lot of people’s beliefs, ceiling fans do not have a direct effect in lowering high temperatures. Instead, these devices stir up a cool breeze by gently rotating air around the room. And you can bet your bottom dollar that “reach as well as the high RPM” is essential in whether your fan works efficiently.

Relation between room size and fan size

Nowadays these lighting and cooling devices come in almost every size imaginable, limited only to the vision of the actual designer. However, here is a general rule of thumb to help guide your selection process.

  • 32″: Effective for rooms up to 80 square feet in size
  • 42″: Effective for rooms between 80-120 square feet in size
  • 44″: Effective for rooms between 120-144 square feet in size
  • 52″+: Effective for rooms over 144 square feet in size

If you choose your ceiling fan and RPM combination depending upon the room size, then you’ll certainly get the outstanding breeze from your fan.

Know the difference between 5 and 4 blade fans

The primary difference between a 5-blade and 4-blade fan is the aesthetics. And there is some additional wind noise is attached with 5-blade fans. However, a 4-blade fan will spread more air compared to a 5-blade fan with extra RPM. The 5-blades put create additional drag that reduces the RPM of the blades, which ultimately decreases the CFM. All fans from a renowned brand like Bajaj, Khaitan or Atomberg, whether 4 or 5 blades are designed for optimal air delivery.

Well, these are the essential things that you need to keep in mind while choosing your ceiling fan. Be it from Khaitan or Baja or Atomberg; you need to choose a high RPM fan that meshes properly with your room size and fits accurately with the ‘reach’ range, in order to have ultimate pleasure.