Sunday, 18 February 2018

Life Journey And Achievements Of Peter Loftin

Peter. T. Loftin better known as Peter Loftin is a leading telecom entrepreneur, who started Business Telecom Inc or BTI at the age of 25 and developed it up to one multimillion dollar organization, with, was then merged eventually with Deltacom.

In the year 1983, Loftin established Business Telecom Inc. (BTI.), a Raleigh, NC based company. In the year 1993, self-governing research group New Paradigm Resources graded this company seventh among the nationally competitive local exchange carriers. Besides, this company was considered one of the top fifteen telecommunication businesses in the USA with more than 600 employees and 60,000 clients.

Loftin worked as the chairman of the BTI board. Then in the year 1997, BTI donated $3.1 million to Raleigh’s Performing Arts Center. It was the biggest private donation made to the center and Peter Loftin was the one, who showed interest in funding the program. After that, this program was named as BTI Center for the Performing Arts.

Loftin was awarded as the “North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Business North Carolina Magazine. Besides, NCEITA, the North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association awarded BTI and him the “Corporate Citizen of the Year Award” for offering internet services for free to the disabled students in rural schools all around North Carolina. Then he was also recognized by James B. Hunt, the then Governor of North Carolina for the contributions that he made.

In the year 2000, he sold a part of BTI, and then he purchased Casa Casuarina as a part of his involvement in arts. After owning Casa Casuarina, he restored it and converted into a high-end club and boutique hotel and also as a lavish residential property.

Then in the year 2016, Peter Loftin established the biggest new whiskey distillery in the United States, namely Bardstown Bourbon. In fact, it is the first of kind collaborative whiskey, Rye and Bourbon distilling program situated in Bardstown, Kentucky. In the same year, the constellation brands asked for a minority stake in that company.

Other establishments of Loftin:

  1. Loftin was the original founder of GlobeSecNine, which is now named as Torch Hill Investment Partners.
  2. He also established CM3 Group, which is a counter-terrorism security consulting firm with great experience and an impressive background. This company built up and offered consultation and counter terrorism for the Port of Los Angeles on the multiyear contract while working along with the Federal, State and Local intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Brief Details On The Achievements Of Peter Loftin:

  1. He established company that sold portable telephones
  2. He worked in his company to train ports in the anti-terrorism measures
  3. He purchased the Casa Casuarina in 2000 and then converted it into an exclusive resort and restaurant
  4. Since the year 1998, he was an active member of the popular Mar A Lago Club in Palm Beach Florida
  5. He established the biggest new whiskey distillery, Bardstown Bourbon in the USA. In the past 100 years, this is the first bourbon company in Kentucky.