Tuesday, 20 March 2018

How to Improve Your Cognitive Function

Many people associate cognitive development with children. This is quite unfortunate since studies show that impaired cognitive function can accelerate premature aging and reduce lifespan significantly. That is why people with advanced dementia and Alzheimer’s do not live longer. It is thus important you take various measures to improve your cognitive function. Here is what we recommend.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise improves blood flow throughout the body. This is quite advantageous to the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory and emotions. Due to the increased blood flow, there is reduced loss of tissues in the hippocampus, making it more effective in capturing and storing information. Exercise also increases your ability to handle stressful situations and make rational decisions. 

Develop a New Hobby

Improve your cognitive function by developing an interest in something new. Look for something that requires learning and thinking. Avoid hobbies such as watching football, going to concerts or attending baseball games. Instead, take up a new hobby in things like gardening, antiquing, learning a new music instrument, selling items online or attending a new language class. Read a lot of non-fiction books, attend new classes and sign up for conferences related to your new hobby. 

Solve Puzzles

Puzzles stimulate the brain by testing your ingenuity. Solving different puzzles raise your intelligence quotient level by forcing you to think, reason and be creative. They flex your memory, spatial imagery, logic and problem-solving capabilities. There are many puzzles you can solve. You can try acrostics, cryptograms, crosswords, syllactostics and many other brain teasers. Begin with one puzzle and slowly integrate new and more complicated ones. Switching from a simpler to a more complicated puzzle stimulates new brain activity.

Seek Professional Help

There are times we feel overwhelmed and lack the motivation to begin a new brain-boosting activity. We may also lack ideas on how to start and maintain an effective routine. It is wise to contact a professional in such scenarios to help you decipher the concept of cognitive function improvement. A professional will tell you what routine works best and how to go about it to achieve the desired results. For more advice on how a professional will help you improve cognitive function, go to http://www.dramandabrimhall.com/.

Visit Museums and Historical Sites

There are several museums and historical sites you can visit to improve your cognitive abilities. You need to be more active to get the most out of the visits. Read the signposts in the walkways and inside the site and repeat the key points to yourself. Try to recall what you have learned a few hours after the visit to test whether you have retained anything. Doing this increases your odds of being able to remember things months or years after you learned about them.

Minimize Stress

People who expose themselves to a lot of stress have higher chances of developing cognitive problems than those who are free of stress. Though medications reduce the stress symptoms, they do not eliminate the key problem. Also, most of these medicines require high dosages to be effective, which is dangerous to your health. It is wise to consider eliminating or minimizing stress using natural methodologies. These may include meditating, exercising, counselling, relaxing hobbies and enough sleep.