Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Getting To Know The Places To Visit In Lombok Before Putting Them On Instagram

The hype for Lombok is real and undeniable! The island located in West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia has been a belle of Indonesian tourism for the last few years. Both domestic and foreign tourists have been flooding the island, booked every hotels out there as they prepare to set their journey to the local, yet world class tourist attraction. Worry not, even after knowing that the islands is a target for tourists, Lombok is never running out of its tourist destinations as we know the place is blessed with numerous beautiful spots that are potential for any types of vacation. Ranging from natural to historical tourism, you will not find any difficulties on setting your itinerary. But, in case you are clueless about this place, we are ready to give you a little guidance so that you will not lost in the middle of your vacation. Get back to the screen and read our reference of places to visit in Lombok. Enjoy!  

Perhaps, the only reason for you to visit Lombok is that because there has not been a new post about travel in your Instagram. So, we assume that you are a fan of natural beauty that prefer the places like beaches, hills, forests, lakes, or cape as your background. To help you out of the issue, here are the list of places to visit in Lombok recommended by every instatraveller.

  • Gili Kondo

Perhaps you need a privacy in doing all of your “photo session”, so here the Gili Kondo appears to be your solution. The private island is free from every frenetic life of a city and society. Furthermore the well preserved white sand and natural view, the place is perfect for every instagram photos.

  • Gili Patelu

For those who love snorkeling or enjoying the underwater view, prioritize yourself to visit Gili Patelu. Upon arriving at this place, you will be amazed by the crystal clear sea water, giving you an imagery of a transparent mirror. From the boat, you can also freely observe the marine life. Never forget to bring your undwater compact camera to capture every single of beautiful coral and fish.

Moving back to the land to find other places to visit in Lombok popular by going to another part of the island. There are still many more to go!

  • Mangku Sakti Waterfall

Located in the Sajang Village, East Lombok, this waterfall is rarely exposed by tourists. You can reach this place by taking some rides for five hours continue by soft tracking. Sounds tiring, huh? Do not worry, the beauty of this place will treat your fatigue and replenish your energy. There are also some tourist guides who will voluntarily help you to reach this place.

  • Pergasingan Hill

The hill is situated in the main entrance of Rinjani climbing, Located at an altitude of 1700 mdpl, you can visit the Sembalun Village with Rinjani peak as its background. Below, you will be able to see patches of rice fields that also perfect for your instagram photo background.