Tuesday, 20 February 2018

ezTalks Onion: The New ezTalks Solutions for Video Conferencing

6 years in collaboration and communication technology. This is the goal achieved by ezTalks, which does not, however, see the excellent result as a point of arrival but as the beginning of a new era.

It was where customers’ needs changed dramatically, influencing the emergence of a more intelligent way of working, where collaborative solutions have now played a decisive role. This is also thanks to technologies much more accessible than in the past: only 10 years ago video collaboration was a very large investment for large companies, and reliability, due to reduced bandwidth, was not always efficient.

“Today, this is no longer the case: the solutions on the market are very powerful,” said ezTalks Manager during the presentation of new products to be launched in November. We have come up with a series of solutions that ensure the immediate start of meetings, from the simple and intuitive interface, and are also characterized by the ability to be used and installed by anyone without the need for specialized technical skills. “

ezTalks Onion

It is a smart hub that transforms traditional three-way teleconferencing into a voice system, content sharing, and video that can be used in all meeting rooms. In addition to making voice conferences, through two ads, it is possible to associate mobile devices with the solution to share content in HD quality or, with a webcam, Onion becomes a complete visual collaboration solution.

Easy to implement, ezTalks Onion Trio technology has extensive interoperability and deep integration across multiple UC platforms, including Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync, BroadSoft, and others.

This solution puts people in the center of their collaboration in the true sense of the word. This is because the device is right in the middle of the room and the various people, through screens, webcam, speakers and microphones, can interact with each other and with others remotely. ezTalks’s 360 degree voice and video patented technology automatically detects the loudspeaker while simultaneously showing the entire meeting room on the same screen. The solution places those at the end of the call in the middle of the conversation, thus enabling greater involvement, quicker decisions, and better results. The intuitive touch screens make it easy to take part in meetings that are always timely. The ezTalks Onion Center solution also offers wireless connectivity with many devices, and has built-in proximity sensors to enable responsive and intelligent interaction.

It is a portable videoconferencing that applies to any screen with considerably reduced installation times. It is suitable for medium-sized rooms (6-8 people) and offers full HD images thanks to the existence of a PTZ camera with zoom and pan motor even though it is integrated into the system monoblock. Audio quality is also high (HD Voice).

ezTalks Onion Debut is also ready for the cloud and can easily connect to ezTalks’s ezTalks Onion cloud services to ensure organizations – large and small – can easily acquire and implement it without the need for IT support. Lastly, it has a very interesting price that makes it accessible even to smaller realities.

It is an all-in-one solution that does not require the need to modify the room in which it wants to be inserted. This technology can be quickly assembled and installed without tools and interacts with the widest range of UC platforms in the market. Like every ezTalks Onion Group Series solution, ezTalks Onion Medialign features NoiseBlock technology, ezTalks Acoustic Fence audio technology, and ezTalks EagleEye Producer and ezTalks EagleEye Director Camera technology.