Sunday, 18 February 2018

Best Viewpoints in Athens

Athens is an amazing place full of good vibe and amazing views. You will learn a lot of ancient history in this city because it is full of interesting legends, exciting attractions, and ancient monuments. Let’s find out where the most breathtaking and amazing views of Athens can be found.


Acropolis will allow you to experience some of the most spectacular views of Athens that you might ever imagine. Getting an outstanding panorama of the capital city of Greece is easy when you go to Acropolis. This is a majestic wonder of this country that you definitely need to see. You can also go to the Acropolis Museum, which you will find along the way by using a private tour. This will allow you to get access to outstanding treasures of ancient ages.

Filopappos Hill

Filopappos Hill is awesome, and you can reach its highest point at 482 feet. This will give you an outstanding view of the famous Acropolis. If you look south, you will get a view of the amazing Aegean Sea. You will also see a park that is around this hill, and you will never forget this lovely view. Your kids will love to fly kites here.

Mount Lycabettus

Lycabettus Hill is 910 feet tall. Getting the top-tier view of Athens is easy from here. You can also get an outstanding 360-degree vista when you jump into a cable car shuttle. You will get a workout because of the steps that lead you to the top of Lycabettus Hill. You will adore strolling around this amazing mount like locals do.

Lofos Strefi (Strefi Hill)

Lofos Strefi is a safe hill that you will love during the day. The night might not be the best time to enjoy a view of Athens from this hill. You will get an outstanding view of Acropolis from here. You will also enjoy what locals do here because they also love to trek here from time to time.

Mount Immitos

Mt. Immitos will allow you to trek the city`s mountain range, and you will love the views here. You can have here one of the most beautiful nature walks in Athens. Mt. Immitos is like an oasis in Athens which is covered with pine forest and small lush valleys. You can find more than 40 different types of orchids here. But you need to be cautious during the hot weather because the rocks here might become really hot as well. So you need to bring some water with you. The middle of the day is particularly problematic because temperatures here tend to be the highest. So you should have your botanical walk in the morning, evening or at night.

Now that you know how to find the most outstanding views of Athens, you just have to take action. This will allow you to get amazing memories of this beautiful, old city. If you want to make your trip to Athens easier, you should rent a car at Athens airport and you will be able to enjoy these truly beautiful hills without any problems whenever you want.